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Ontario Barns Preservation - Barn Heritage Across the Province

Ontario Barns Preservation


April 8, 2022

"Is it possible that millions now living in North America have never seen a barn, let alone been in one. In the foreseeable future, there is more than a possibility that, for many, the kind of barn illustrated in these pages will not be there to see. When one considers the exposure of our old barns to the winds of change… the marvel is that any are left for those who would try to comprehend the secrets that they hold.” -Eric Arthur The Barn: A Vanishing Landmark in North America.

Although agriculture has evolved and our barns don't have the same functionality and use they used to, we need to find ways to keep them in our rural landscapes. When barns were first built they paid for themselves, they supported the farm. Now they are in their old age and we need to carry them. Our barns are in crisis and we Need to give them a new reason to be. Thus the Ontario Barn Preservation was founded; to advocate for our heritage barns. Enjoy the founding story and passion for Ontario old barns.

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