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Aerial view of a park with autumn-colored trees at sunset.


Want to tell and share stories about Rural Ontario? Join our volunteer program! See below for two ways to help out, or suggest something else through our volunteer form.

Why volunteer with PARO?

  • Your contributions will directly enrich the context of rural stories, fostering a deeper understanding of the intersections between demographics and rural landscapes.

  • Contribute to meaningful projects that amplify underrepresented voices and make a lasting impact on the preservation of rural narratives.

  • Gain hands-on experience within a real-world project setting, honing valuable skills relevant to your role as a volunteer.

  • Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student eager to learn, our diverse projects offer opportunities for skill enhancement and practical application

  • Join a vibrant community of volunteers who share your passion for rural issues, storytelling, and geographical information systems.

  • Network with like-minded individuals, fostering connections that extend beyond your volunteering experience.Partner with communities and individuals to amplify current concerns.

  • If you are a student, volunteering with PARO can complement your educational journey by providing practical experience in a meaningful project.

  • Receive recognition on our website, social media platforms, and grant applications for your valuable contributions.

Social Media Volunteers

We are looking for people to help us share our stories across our social media platforms. Working together with our Social Media Manager and Coordinator, this role would include the creation and regular posting and moderation of PARO’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our Facebook Group, Listserv). We are especially interested in individuals who have, or want to develop, graphic design and social media skills. 

Story Curation Volunteers

We are looking for people who want to document, curate, and share rural stories!

  • Receive comprehensive training from the PARO team to build skills related to research ethics, oral history methods, and journalistic editing.

  • Document a story via interviews/oral history narratives or written methods.

  • Collaborative with our editorial team to edit and produce stories for our archive, where your name will shine as the first author alongside your published story.

  • Craft engaging stories in various formats like text, audio, video, or photography, shedding light on untold tales from rural Ontario.

Prior experience in interviewing and content editing (writing, audio/podcasting, videography, or photojournalism) is considered an asset, however, it is not required. We encourage all those who are interested to apply!

PARO Story-Map Volunteers 

If you're fascinated by geography, data, and the rich tapestry of rural life, our digital mapping team has an exciting opportunity for you!

  • Work closely with the PARO Maps team to integrate key demographic information into our mapping platform.

  • Collaborate with our team on the seamless integration of data to enrich the context of rural narratives.

  • Contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our mapping platform by adding relevant demographic data that complements the existing stories in the PARO archive.


How To Apply?

Please email the following to:

  • Up-to-date CV.

  • A short statement of interest (250-word max) describing relevant experience and why you’re interested in being a part of our team.

  • For Story Curator: Include a sample of content you’ve written that tells a story about a lived experience.

  • For Social Media Volunteer: Include a sample of content you’ve created for social media, either individually or as part of an organization.

  • For Digital Mapping Volunteer: Highlight any experience or interest in data gathering and integration related to geographical and demographic information

Do you have a rural Ontario story?

If you have a story in or about rural Ontario that you would like to share and publish, we are interested in working with you!

  • Share your story through text, audio, video, or photography to be published in our archive.

  • Highlight your unique perspective on a rural story/issue that resonates with the diverse themes of rural experiences alongside a PARO story curator and editorial team.

If you are interested in working with our team to tell your story, please email:

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