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Niisaachewan - Manomin Harvest
White Earth Wild Rice Harvest- Manoominikewag

White Earth Wild Rice Harvest- Manoominikewag

Manoomin, "The Food That Grows on the Water", Harvest Season 2013... Manoominike Giizis (The Ricing Moon) is a time of age-old traditions filled with memories of family and friends, and the memories of those before us who have harvested Manoomin, or wild rice, in the same way for thousands of years in our Anishinaabe Akiing -- the land of our people. As we watch the Manoomin sway side-to-side as we enter the canoe it's as if they dance to the excitement shared by generations. Manoomin is grown naturally in the lakes and rivers of Northern Minnesota, and is hand-harvested and wood parched by tribal members using traditional methods. Here at Native Harvest, we are proud to offer wholesale and retail customers the best quality of Native-produced food products including: Manoomin, maple syrup, and wild harvested berries for syrups and spreads. In 2003, Native Harvest received the international Slow Food award for our work to protect our Manoomin from genetic engineering, and we have since continued with this work, and nurtured other endangered and special foods and seeds. We not only protect wild rice, and offer the best of it to you, but we also strive to make a difference for our community and many others. For your convenience, we have a website you can visit to view all of our products and learn more about the exciting things we do or call us: Toll free 888-274-8318 or 218-375-2600, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.
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